Playing a song when device is asleep

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Post by Chompy »

I turn the screen off by lightly tapping the power button on my android tablet device, and the game pauses. However, other MIDI players have the ability to keep playing while the phone/tablet is asleep, and some people like me use music to sleep. The game should have a button in the Gameplay of the options to play while the device is asleep. I mean, I can do it on my Mac for around a few minutes the display turns off, until the hardware enters sleep, I think. There should be an option under Gameplay to enable/disable this. Also, this only works on the standard watch and listen only mode. ;)
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Post by Nicholas »

I go back and forth on this. In the context of a piano practice app, it makes sense to stop playback (and stop draining your battery).

That said, I understand people find other uses for things sometimes. I worry that if I start adding simple music player features to Synthesia, it'll quickly become a list of requests in that direction for things like playlist support. For all the things Synthesia is doing under the hood to enable real-time practice, I couldn't think of a less efficient use of battery (or wall) power than to have Synthesia behaving as a simple background music player. :shock: :lol:
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