Publish also on Steam?

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Post by Mte90 »

I have a Steam Deck connected to the TV (but I can use the stand) and I want to use with Synthesia.

As it supports Windows video games and other applications, I was wondering if publish the application also there can be something interested to this project.
The difference is that I don't have to install manually everywhere I have Steam (also on my laptop with windows or linux per example).

For reference, I used Synthesia on Linux with wine (the application that let windows/linux integration) without problems in the past.
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Post by Nicholas »

I don't have any plans for a Steam release at the moment. (There used to be, but I canceled them a few years ago.)

That said, a quick search made it sound like adding non-Steam apps to the Steam Deck is a supported use case. Something like "Heroic" makes it only take a few clicks. And even adding something manually doesn't look like it takes that many steps.
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