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Post by MathiasJ »

I would like to propose a new feature for your software that enhances the learning experience for musicians by introducing an automatic loop mode based on performance. As you know, musicians often practice complex pieces in small sections, such as 2-4 bar increments, to build muscle memory and perfect their performance. Currently, the looping functionality in Synthesia requires manual intervention to set up and identify where mistakes are being made.

To streamline this process and improve the learning experience, I suggest enhancing the current loop feature to include an automatic loop mode. This mode would measure the time and note error count for each bar while playing. If the time or number of errors exceeds a predefined threshold, the software would automatically jump back to the beginning of the measured bars (or potentially one bar before) and you would repeat that part of the song. This way, users can focus on mastering the challenging sections of a piece before moving on to the next part.

Another feature that could significantly enhance the learning experience for musicians using your software - a mastery practice mode with incremental loops. This mode would focus on breaking down the entire song into 2-bar incremental loops, enabling users to gradually progress through the piece while ensuring a high level of perfection. In the mastery practice mode, users would start with the first two bars of the song (bar 1 and bar 2). To advance to the next set of bars, they would need to play the current loop three times with a predefined level of perfection. Once they meet this criterion, the loop would automatically shift to the next increment (bar 2 and bar 3, then bar 3 and bar 4, and so on).

By implementing an automatic loop and/or mastery practice mode, Synthesia can offer a structured and effective approach to learning and mastering challenging pieces as well providing musicians a more seamless practice experience, helping them quickly identify and improve upon their weaknesses. This mode encourages users to focus on smaller sections and gradually progress through the entire song, ensuring a strong foundation and thorough understanding of the piece.I believe this feature would be a valuable addition to the software and greatly enhance its usability and effectiveness.

Thank you for considering my suggestion, and I look forward to seeing how Synthesia continues to evolve and support the needs of musicians!
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Post by jimhenry »

If this type of feature is being considered, I'll offer an idea. Start the loops from the end. Offer an option to move the starting point back while leaving the end of the loop at the end. The idea behind this approach to learning a piece is that you know the end the best so that you are progressing toward areas of increasing comfort as you play.
Jim Henry
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