Can I fully use the program offline after downloading?

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Post by mirrorball »

I have not purchased this yet as I need to know if I will be able to fully use the program on my computer without an internet connection after downloading it and unlocking. I do not have internet or wifi at home for the computer I will be using this on. I have a temporary hotspot for downloading the program and set up after that I will not have access to the hotspot to play the game if it needs a connection. Thank you.
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Post by Nicholas »

There is no online connectivity requirement after unlocking. It should stay unlocked forever.

If necessary, the desktop (PC/Mac) version can even be unlocked without an Internet connection at all. The support assistant can give you the older-style "long code" (and instructions) which can be used in a completely offline environment. Here is a direct link to that part of the assistant's dialog.
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