Could you have synthesis automatically reload a midi I edited in fl studio when switching to the synthesis window?

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Ishikawa Harima
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I'm a midi solo piano arranger and I use fl studio to edit original solo piano performances, but I'd like to improve the editing time! :/ When saving the midi in fl studio I have to close the synthesia window and reopen the midi that I am editing and I would like that every time I change with the alt + shift command or switch to the synthesia window it loads my new update that I added to the midi that I am editing without having to close the window and reopen it in my folder.

I hope it updates my edits in real time haha is that too much to ask for? I would appreciate it very much :D
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Post by Nicholas »

Hmm, as long as the file name is staying the same between edits, this shouldn't take that many steps. In the song list inside Synthesia, all you should need to do is click on a different song and then click back on the one you're editing. That will force a re-load of the MIDI file.
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