Chopin Etude in G# minor Op. 25, Nr. 6

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Post by viddavisda »

Etude op. 25 nr. 6 in G# minor.mid
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Post by Nicholas »

Both of these are lovely (and well-made for Synthesia with nicely quantized notes, split parts, etc.)

Are these files your work? Did you have anything you wanted to say about licenses (public domain, Creative Commons, etc.)?

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Post by viddavisda »

Hi Nicholas,

Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you enjoy them. Yes, I created them, but since the music of Chopin is, of course, public domain, I haven't given any thought to licensing. I use these for practice and I have even played around with retrograde and inversion. (If you flip the piano around D you get a left handed piano. It is a really brain numbing to try to think of your LH as your RH and vice versa.)

If you are interested in more files like this, I could share them and post a Venmo tip jar link!


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Post by jimhenry »

In anticipation of version 11 of Synthesia, which is not due anytime soon, it would be nice to have MusicXML versions of pieces you share so that all the details of the music notation are available.
Jim Henry
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