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Posted: 12-04-21 1:27 pm
Ok, so basically I have this MP3 file from a YouTube video that is a MIDI and was even played in Synthesia, there is a download link in the description, but now it leads to a [****] website and I just want this MP3 to be a MIDI but its changing, I don’t like it because it’s perfect the way it is. Whenever I convert it to MIDI it just makes it weird and off and not even right. I really need help with this.
Basically get a MP3 to MIDI Converter and play the MP3 and then the MIDI, and you will see there is a big difference.
MP3 File: ... p=drivesdk
YouTube Video:
[****] Website that’s supposed to be a download link:

Posted: 12-05-21 3:26 am
by icuurd12b42
You cant's convert audio wave to musical instrument instructions right now, unless they got an AI trained for it. maybe in a few years.

Anyway I think I found it on the site

The tiny download midi link is on top of the page

Actually, no, that's not it. Contact the youtuber maybe

Posted: 12-07-21 10:51 pm

Posted: 12-07-21 10:53 pm
That link sounds like a very old over the horizon from 2011 but before 2012

Posted: 03-14-23 5:22 pm
I tried it, not works well...

Posted: 02-03-24 8:34 pm
by diggidoyo
Basic Pitch from Spotify works pretty well at this point and even lets you modify the parameters to fine tune it.
It can still be hit or miss depending on the complexity of the recording, but this at least seems to produce a legible midi from any mp3 file.