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Posted: 02-05-22 1:34 pm
by Schorsch11
I have recently purchased the Synthesia program. Among the first tunes I loaded for practice was "Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor". I am confused with the bar measures. They are supposed to be 4/4 throughout the exercise. But in the first bar, the G-key stave has actually a 9/8 measure, while the F-key stave has a 4/4 rest. The reverse is true in the 3rd bar. In the 7th bar there are four 2/4 notes in the F-key stave, while the corresponding G-key stave has a 4/4 rest. It looks like a hidden second voice is mingled with a first voice or whatever. At any rate, not very professional.

Posted: 04-14-22 9:52 am
by Nicholas
There are some deficiencies in the way Synthesia renders MIDI data as sheet music. (It is the first entry on our list of embarrassments.) That toccata seems to be a particularly good specimen for demonstrating those deficiencies. I am sorry for Synthesia's unusably bad output in that case.

The good news is that we've been working toward getting proper MusicXML support into the app for some time now. When this chart reaches zero (and hopefully a little bit before then), we should be able to express much more nuance in the notation.