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Now that Apple supports up to 10,000 anonymous testers per app (with no arduous sign-up process), I finally got around to adding an iPad development preview button to Synthesia's build server to make it as easy to publish as the rest of the supported platforms. If you're interested in trying out development previews on your iPad, follow the new link in the pink box above (from your iPad).

While we still support the now-ancient iOS 9.3 (going all the way back to iPad 2), participating in app betas requires installing Apple's "TestFlight" app, which itself (today) requires iOS 13. Sorry for the inconvenience, but that part is out of our hands.

That said, their whole testing process is pretty slick. Beta apps have a little yellow dot next to their name on the home screen. And if you take a screenshot in a beta app there is a new "Send Feedback" option available in the popup. You can add a comment or annotate the screenshot and it automatically gets sent to a place easy for us to see/download.