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Posted: 04-13-23 8:28 am
by Maffinius
Hey all,

i'm currently learning the piano and noticed some differences between MuseScore notes and Synthesia notes:

museSc1.png (10.88 KiB) Viewed 5597 times
the same part in Synthesia:
synth1.png (11.52 KiB) Viewed 5597 times
Is there any way to show the notes the right way in synthesia? It is hard to recognise the different notations when i want to play the song from the original sheet of music.

Sometimes it even changes the song and i dont want to learn a wrong way of playing.

Best regards,


Posted: 04-13-23 11:30 am
by jimhenry
MIDI only provides the pitch and the on and off times for a note. Sheet music has to be reverse engineered from that incomplete information. When MusicXML support is more fully in-place, that will be the way to get much more accurate sheet music in Synthesia.

The biggest concern in your example is measure 2 of the top staff. The dotted half note for the second note is just wrong. That is probably a result of rounding or quantization in the MIDI to sheet music conversion. Synthesia has to handle MIDI files that are live recordings where the MIDI durations don't line up exactly with the metronome. This is an unusual rhythm and I don't know if it would be worth the effort to try to tweak the MIDI to sheet conversion process to get this right. There is a chance that the fix would lead to more bad conversions than good ones.

Is the time signature shown as 6/8? The way Synthesia made the conversion looks like it was treating this as being 3/4 time. Having the correct time signature should help Synthesia do a better job of notating the rhythm, although I don't know how much Synthesia uses the time signature in the conversion process.

Posted: 04-16-23 8:01 am
by Maffinius
I will look into the time signature and double check if i can fix the issue with the dotted half note.

Can you already estimate when MusicXML support will be in place?

Posted: 04-16-23 9:31 am
by Nicholas
This isn't a time estimate, but there is a handy chart here.

I just finished fixing the last known (always Android for some reason) bug in Synthesia 10.9 on Friday. So it's time to switch back to forward progress on that chart on Monday.

Posted: 04-16-23 4:55 pm
by Maffinius
Awesome looking forward to it!

I'am a software dev myself so if i can help you in any way just let me know :)

Posted: 08-28-23 9:34 am
by Maffinius
Is there anything new regarding the MusicXML support :D ?

Posted: 10-18-23 4:30 pm
by Maffinius
Hello :( ?