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Post by hannibal »

Hi everyone,

I just bought a new Yamaha CLP-735 and though the yamaha app, I'm able to set 2 "layer/channels/voices" at the same time for playing (like piano and strings for example).

But when I'm trying to play in Synthesia, it's received like I pressed twice each note :anxious:
There is any setting to fix that ? (I'm on android phone)

Thanks in advance for your help
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Post by hannibal »

No one face this issue ?
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Post by Nicholas »

Do either of the solutions from this support assistant topic solve the problem?
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Post by Bavi_H »

It sounds like Hannibal wants to use the Dual mode on the Yamaha CLP-735. In the Dual mode, pressing one key on the piano keyboard makes two instrument sounds (such as a piano sound and a violin sound), and will send two notes on different MIDI channels (such as a piano note on MIDI channel 1 and a violin note on MIDI channel 2).

On the desktop versions of Synthesia, you can use the Configuration window (hold the Shift key as you start Synthesia) to change Midi.InputChannel to 1, then Synthesia would only use MIDI channel 1 for input on the falling notes screen and ignore MIDI channel 2.

Unfortunately, I think there isn't a way to access the hidden settings on the Android version.
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