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Post by rocha »


Most Brazilian music students read the chords as # "sharp" and not as b "flat", like

C# not Db
D# not Eb

Can you please add option to display this way?
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Post by Bavi_H »

Here are some workarounds you might want to try:

A. On the desktop versions of Synthesia, you can customize the labels used for the "fixed-do note names":
  • 1. Hold the Shift key down as you start Synthesia until the Configuration window appears.
  • 2. Find the setting called Midi.FixedDoNames and change it to the following:
    • C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B
  • 3. Close the Configuration window and restart Synthesia.
Now when you can choose the label option "Fixed-Do Note Names", you'll get the custom letter names using only sharps.

B. Synthesia uses the key of the music to determine which accidentals it uses for the "English note names". If the key is E major (4 sharps), Synthesia will display all the black keys with sharp names.
  • You can use a MIDI file editor to edit the song so it contains a key signature message for E major (4 sharps), then Synthesia will display all the black keys as sharps in the "English note names" label mode. (Because you have to edit the song to contain an incorrect key signature message, you might also want to hide the key signature display in Synthesia: Click on the bookmark icon, then turn off the Key Signatures switch.)
  • In the Free Play mode, you can click on the gear icon and change the key signature to E major (4 sharps), then the "English note names" will be displayed with sharp names.
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