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Posted: 02-08-24 8:55 am
by jberta
When working on a 'long' piece, I like to split the midi files into 'parts'. So I might have several midi files, part1, part2, etc... that put together form the complete piece.
It makes is easier to track progress in Synthesia and navigate the timeline.

Now to my question: in this context, is it possible to transfer fingers information between files ? I have played with the metadata tool, but simply copy/paste finger info between files leads to a crash when starting synthesia.

Any ideas ?


Posted: 05-02-24 1:15 pm
by Nicholas
Sorry for the wait on this. Hmm, a crash is unexpected in that case. Even if you input completely random metadata, that should never crash Synthesia. (If you still have one of the files that cause the problem, please send it to

Manually manipulating the metadata is possible, but it can be a bit finicky. Mostly it would be the measure numbers that would need to change between the full/split version of the song.

If you wrote all the finger hint markup by hand, it would be possible to make this a little more convenient. (Say, only including a single "measure" instruction at the start of each section. Then, when you broke it apart you could just copy that section of the markup to the smaller file's metadata and drop the measure instruction.) But overall this isn't something that we have good tools for today, sorry.