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Posted: 09-27-15 2:35 pm
by Nicholas
KTinOhio wrote:Can you suggest a brand and/or model for a MIDI cable that will work well?
We have some recommendations on the Keyboards Help page. (Depending on which ports your computer/tablet has vs. which ports your keyboard has, there are different recommendations. So that page covers all the combinations.)

Posted: 01-08-24 4:06 pm
by jimhenry
It seems like the E-MU MIDI to USB cable has been discontinued. Any recommendations for a good MIDI to USB cable? Is the MIO 1x1 a good cable?

Posted: 01-18-24 8:35 pm
by hezik
I have the cable from the topic start, ordered it recently through alieexpress. Mine worked out of the box.

However, it did have a glitch where it wouldn't implement the sustain pedal signal correctly, resulting in the sustain pedal generating played notes.

Then I bought the Roland UM-one. This was, to me, still pretty affordable (around $50). This works perfect in every sense, including the sustain pedal.