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Posted: 04-25-16 1:13 am
by Laserbeak43
Was wondering if someone could help me with the fingering to Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 (easy version).
I've been practicing and think that some fingering suggestions would probably help me with navigation during some parts of the song.
Here's the MIDI file i'm using.
Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 (easy version).mid
The MIDI file
(1.59 KiB) Downloaded 967 times
Thanks in advance,

Posted: 12-11-19 8:48 pm
by bluestreak711
I am sorry this post went three years with no reply. I hope it is not too late, but I just saw your post a few days ago and I fingered the left hand, but I am still working on the right hand.

Posted: 12-11-19 9:00 pm
by bluestreak711
This is what I have so far. I hope it helps.

[Previous Unfinished Finger Data Removed]

Find the fingers.xml file in the appdata folder on windows and you can copy that right in there. Reply if you, or anyone, needs help.

Edit: I finished and tested it out and it seems to work. You can change some fingering to better match you if necessary.

t1: 609098606079876078660986896786090989098987890678676870969876007866098689678 t2: 53152153152152152132153153152153153152152153153153152153152152152132153153152153153152152153115

Posted: 12-12-19 5:14 am
by Laserbeak43
That's awesome!
My hardware doesn't have good enough drivers since the win10 update. I plan to update my piano PC in January!

Posted: 12-13-19 3:35 am
by bluestreak711
I do not know how long you have been without a Synthesia, but life is good right now with Synthesia gaming. Synthesia had even more updates. Musescore is now on version 3. I figured out how to access and modify the fingers.xml document on both Windows and Android, so I can literally spend my breaks at work fingering songs in Synthesia which helps me forget the bad and sucky things in life and to keep moving forward.

I am in the process of curating and a lot of content for Synthesia including entire fingerings for songs. If you are interested, you can message me on Hangouts and I would be willing to share it with you. If you have some more songs you would like to share, I could attempt to finger those as well. I have a lot of musical experience and I want to share what I've learned with people.

My Hangouts is my Gmail address and my Gmail is my username here on Synthesia Talk @ Gmail .com.

Posted: 12-13-19 5:37 am
by Laserbeak43
That's beautiful. I don't even know what to say!
And the idea that you could practice fingering on a tablet or something..... incredible!!!
I'd love to take you up and that offer and would be honored to help, if you needed it/it were proper.
I'm definitely keeping this in mind! Can't wait!!

Posted: 12-13-19 11:33 am
by bluestreak711
I made a video with the fingering in it, so even if you cannot run Synthesia on your computer right now, you can still play this video at slow speeds and pick it out.
Laserbeak43 wrote: 12-13-19 5:37 am And the idea that you could practice fingering on a tablet or something..... incredible!!!
I would not say that I am practicing my fingering necessarily, but I can run Synthesia on my rooted android phone and access the fingers.xml file, so on my breaks, I sit there and type them in, so when I get home I just have to transfer it to the pc.

I would love to accept any and all help. I can include a list of things:

1) Fingering
2) Dictating Rhythm Better
3) Get faster at using muse score
4) Someone just to bounce ideas off of concerning the way all this works and figuring out how to better ourselves using the software and the software itself.

The pianist in my church invested himself in me. My mother and I asked him about lessons and he never charged us anything. My mother was willing to pay, but I am not sure if she could have kept paying long if he did charge. For two or three years, he would give me a printout on a lesson, I would practice it and he would judge if I needed more practice or not before giving me the next one. He did not sit down with me for long periods of time and it was not necessary. I feel music should be a right for everyone no matter how much, or if, they can pay.

I can learn to make midis effectively for Synthesia and include finger suggestions for every note. The only thing I cannot do is make sure the student moving their hands correctly on scales and reprimand them for bad posture which could cause pain later in life if left untreated.

I would like to live off of making music and helping others make music without compromising the availability of my material to others. I figure I could start making youtube videos and include download links to the midis like very few people do. I also figure I could get back to tuning pianos. I was certified through an online course and I can tune a piano, but I feel like I want more training to be more effective.