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Posted: 02-10-18 1:33 pm
by ImFailer
I think it can be very valuable to add the finger hinting to the actual sheet music, not just the scrolling notes, and less important is to have the ability to export music as PDF sheet music (with finger hinting of course).

Posted: 02-10-18 6:34 pm
by Nicholas
Sheet music finger hints are in the plan for the upcoming Synthesia 11 release.

Posted: 12-02-23 4:08 pm
by themusiclasse
I STRONGLY support this feature. It is imo maby the most valuable feature this software could have in order to turn it into a "real" and legit learning tool. Pretty much everywhere i've seen pianist talk about synthesia, the consensus is : it's great to learn a particular song by muscle memory but not so much on the long run where sight reading is the way to go. And as a music teacher, I 100% agree. Hope this is implemented soon ;)