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Posted: 07-04-09 3:55 pm
by soryy708
This composition is called 'Cat Dance', and in some places its also called 'Dog Waltz'.
I quickly formatted it up to MIDI, and just take it, and train yourself. This melody is perfect for training for begginers (or even intermeditate sometimes).

Posted: 07-08-09 7:04 pm
by Bissrok
It's weird. Apparently there's a lot of people here on this level, but no one wants to join in.

Posted: 07-09-09 4:22 am
by soryy708
Happens :mrgreen:

Posted: 08-18-19 2:51 am
by avdanilov
I am looking for Cat Dance – Dog Waltz midi file for Synthesia and cannot find it.
I need file:
1) For only piano (no percussion, brass, etc.);
2) Full version – the version linked above is about 1/3;
Hands and fingers application can easily be done in Synthesia, I will do it.
Will be very grateful for such midi.
Many thanks!


Posted: 08-19-19 6:22 pm
by J. Baker
That's pretty awesome. Never heard that tune before. Thanks for sharing! ;)